Institute of Applied Ethnopolitical Research


As part of the measures to strengthen interethnic peace and prevent conflicts, under the directive of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, K. Tokayev, the Center for Ethnomediation was established and began its activities in May 2023 on the basis of the Institute of Applied Ethnopolitical Studies. This decision reflects the commitment of governmental bodies to apply a systematic and comprehensive approach to managing interethnic relations at the local level.

The Center for Ethnomediation plays a key role in preventing interethnic conflicts. It allows for the formation of a national school of ethnomediation and the training of ethnomediators capable of resolving disputes and conflicts at any stage of their development.

The main functions of the Center for Ethnomediation include:

  1. Training of ethnomediators and education in the basic principles of conflictology, ethnomediation, ethnopolitical literacy, ethnoculture, 'language of enmity', negotiation practices, public rhetoric, and more.
  2. Preventive work—conducting meetings and discussions with residents of regions to discuss issues of interethnic relations, preventing potential conflicts, and promoting mutual understanding among various ethnic groups.
  3. Consultative and advisory activities on issues requiring the intervention of higher authorities with the potential to impact the level of social tension.
  4. Development and implementation of methodological guides—creating standardized and effective tools for dealing with interethnic tensions at all levels.